Cruise Group Registration Form

The US Department of Homeland Security and Immigration requires your Full Given Legal Name, First,Middle and Last (no nicknames) as well as Date of Birth, Citizenship and Gender. Failure to provide this information may result in costly change fees if it later has to be corrected or you may be denied boarding at the Pier. Please check to make sure your registration matches your identification exactly.  Valid US Passports are always recommended as the best identification and are required if you reenter the United States by air.  This cruise is considered a "closed loop exception" because it begins and ends in Galveston so a Passport is not required if you do not have one. You must present a valid, government issued ID such as a driver license and certified copy of your birth certificate in lieu of a Passport. If you were married and do not have matching ID, please bring a copy of your wedding license with you to the Pier.

*New Registrations Please Note: Submit this form and wait for an electronic invoice to make your deposit.

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PAX 1 Your Full Given Name  PAX1 First, Middle, Last (no nicknames)
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Pax 2 Your Full Given Name Pax 2 First, Middle, Last (no nicknames)
PAX 2 Date of Birth:
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Pax 3 Your Full Given Name Pax 3 First, Middle, Last (no nicknames)
PAX 3 Date of Birth:
PAX 3 Citizenship:
PAX 3 Passport Number and Expiration Date:
Pax 4 Your Full Given Name Pax 4 First, Middle, Last (no nicknames)
PAX 4 Date of Birth:
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PAX 4 Passport Number and Expiration Date:
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Payment Information
If paying by check or money order, remit to Corporate Events and Leisure Services LLC, PO Box 24780, Federal Way, WA 98093-1780.You may call your deposit in to 877-836-1949.  Upon receipt of your registration form, you will receive an electronic invoice within 72 hours,.


Thank you!